What is a Threat Intelligence Platform?

<p>Threat Intelligence has become a common resource for commercial and government organizations to use as part of their cybersecurity posture. Many organizations are now using Threat Intelligence as part of their security suite in order to understand the kinds of adversaries that they’re facing and how to better combat them.</p><p>As the Threat Landscape evolves, sharing Threat Intelligence has become more critical than ever. While attackers and adversaries are collaborating themselves, it is important to share the information we learn about them to improve the effectiveness of our defense teams.</p><p>Damian Skeeles, Principal Solution Engineer at Anomali takes the floor at InfoSecurity Europe to discuss staying ahead of the Threat Landscape with Cyber Threat Intelligence & Information Sharing.<br /><br />Check out <a href="">What is a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)?</a> for more information. </p>