Anomali Product Release August 2022

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<p>This webinar covers enhancements to The Anomali Platform that enable our Cloud XDR solution. </p> <p>In this release, we’ve further extended the list of telemetries supported within our Match Cloud big data threat detection engine. Also, we’ll preview an upcoming data retention dashboard; enable further automated responses; present a new library of Attack Flows, and show how to automate routine investigation tasks. We have added new capabilities to Integrator and Lens. </p> <p>We’ll also highlight where we are extending threat visibility, enabling precision detection, and adding to The Anomali Platform’s comprehensive response capabilities.</p> <p>Get updates on:</p> <ul> <li>New <strong>Telemetries</strong> supported by Cloud XDR & the upcoming Data Retention Dashboard in Cloud XDR</li> <li><strong>Automating response</strong> across The Anomali Platform - from threats detected to response & remediation</li> <li>Viewing a new <strong>Attack Flow Library</strong> which will provide an access point for new MITRE ATT&CK Flows that sequence the techniques used in attacks</li> <li>Easily identifying in a <strong>ThreatStream Investigation any IoCs</strong> detected in your environment</li> <li><strong>Automating Routine tasks</strong> in a ThreatStream Investigation</li> <li>Further <strong>Integrator</strong> updates</li> </ul> <p>View the Quarterly Release Webinar or reach out to your customer success manager to learn more. </p>
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