Premium Digital Risk Protection
Digital Risk Protection

Defend Your Most Critical Assets Against Digital Risk

Gain increased visibility into the surface, deep, dark web, and social media platforms to proactively identify threats targeting your most critical digital assets.

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Digital Risk Protection

Identify and Prevent Targeted Digital Threats

Anomali’s Premium Digital Risk Protection identifies emerging threats to help prevent attacks before they occur. Anomali continuously monitors your digital presence across the threat landscape to alert on potential attacks, delivering the relevant threat intelligence security teams need to respond to threats quickly and effectively.

The automation of threat intelligence enrichment resulted in less time spent trying to figure the situation out, a lower risk of having to repeat tasks, and less troubleshooting due to human error.
ESG Economic Validation: Analyzing the Economic Benefits
of the Anomali Threat Intelligence Platform
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Mitigate Targeted Digital Threats

Minimize Risk Against Targeted Digital Threats

Increase visibility across digital channels to help mitigate potential threats before damage can occur.

  • Continuously monitor your attack surface and the threat landscape for potential risks
  • Quickly identify the most desirable assets in the eyes of an attacker
  • Uncover fake websites, data leaks, brand impersonation, social media threats, account takeovers, and other digital risks 

Uplevel Your Security Program with Optimized Intelligence

Extend actionable intelligence and context to prevent exposures across your organization.

  • Operationalize intelligence to empower analysts and protect digital assets fully
  • Understand threat actors and their tactics, techniques, and procedures to fortify your security posture
  • Utilize insights from cutting-edge machine learning and automation data curated with expert human analysis from Anomali Threat Research
Optimized Intelligence
Address digital threats quickly and effectively

Address Digital Threats Quickly and Effectively

Gain needed context to take-down digital threats by leveraging real-time insights to understand risks and take action accordingly.

  • Counter risk across your organization’s entire digital footprint
  • Improve operational efficiencies and protect brand reputation
  • Continuously monitor for digital threats, including: Account takeovers; Data leaks; Fraud or extortion campaigns; Reputational damage; Fraudulent social media accounts; Spoofed enterprise domains

Key capabilities

  • Identify leaked or stolen credentials, sensitive information and PII of employees, intellectual property, and code leaks
  • Discover fake or rogue apps impersonating your brand
  • Uncover fake domains impersonating your brand or legitimate domains that have been compromised
  • Gain context on attackers and their motivations
  • Detect fake social media accounts impersonating your brand or key executives
  • Continuously monitor across surface, deep, dark web, and social media platforms

Enhance your detection and response capabilities

Anomali makes organizations Cyber Resilient with intelligence powered extended detection capabilities that optimize incident response across security ecosystems.