Anomali Product Release February 2023

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<p>In this webinar, you’ll learn about recent updates in The Anomali Platform, in particular how you can further leverage Anomali Attack Surface Management to secure your external digital environment. Furthermore, we’ll introduce you to our Behavior Detection capability which will help you to proactively anticipate attacks.</p> <p>During this session we discussed these new innovations from Anomali:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Attack Surface Management:</strong> We’ll present how you can leverage The Anomali Platform to inform your organization about exposure in your digital environment. We are continuously adding capabilities to this new product. We’ll demonstrate its value in this session, with the inclusion of IP and IP range scanning, and also IP Risk Scoring, and Attack Surface Risk Grading.</li> <li><strong>Threat Detection - Behavior Detection:</strong> Today Anomali Match detects indicator threats in your environment while adding the all-important threat model context on associated actors, TTPs,  etc. We extend this important IOC (with context) detection capability to now also detect <strong>Indicators of Attack (IOA)</strong>, i.e. behavioral detection of unknown threats.</li> <li><strong>Insights:</strong> Important new updates are being made to dashboard and widget capabilities in ThreatStream, which will herald future insights for SOC analysts and senior decision makers. We&#39;ll show you these new updates, in particular how you can control and override dashboard datetime controls. </li> <li><strong>Intelligence:</strong> We&#39;ll report to you on the most recent updates to the intelligence curated and presented by the Anomali Threat Research Team, and key intelligence partners, which align with key PIRs.</li> <li>And much more - on intelligence management, detection alerting, automated response, and strategic telemetry ingestion.</li> </ul> <p>Watch on-demand!</p>
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