Next Gen AI Security Operations with Anomali

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Anomali Product Release July 2023

The top challenges for most respondents in a recent SANS SOC Survey was lack of enterprise visibility, skilled staff, and actionable context. This webinar will illuminate, through slides and demo, the latest developments to The Anomali Platform designed to alleviate many of these challenges and accelerate SecOps. Updated include:

  • Advanced Security Analytics: Investigate security events, search through petabytes of data using natural language, enrich security events with intelligence insights to make them actionable, and translate security telemetry to business risk
  • Anomali GPT: Accelerate threat intelligence research, summarize research and advisories, simplify time to value with knowledge base search, and more
  • AutoLens+: Automatically add tags & associations for actors, malware, MITRE TTPs, vulnerabilities, and more
  • Intelligence: New threat intelligence channels and feeds to streamline operationalization of your intelligence and security workflows
  • Integrator: Automated workflows with a growing set of integrations with security controls such as Microsoft Defender, CrowdStrike Falcon, etc.

Watch the on-demand webinar to quickly get you up to speed and utilize the new features!

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