Anomali Product Release November 2022

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<p>In this webinar, you’ll learn about recent updates in The Anomali Platform. This includes how you can assess your organization&#39;s security posture, visualize an Attack Flow that is attributed to a given actor’s leveraging of known attack patterns, and learn more about new tailored intelligence from  Anomali.</p> <p>With these updates,  we’ll show you where we are extending threat visibility, further enabling precision detection, and adding to The Anomali Platform’s comprehensive response capabilities.</p> <p>Updates include:</p> <ul> <li>Understanding your security posture - by subscribing to Anomali Premium Digital Risk Protection service or assessing your attack surface using the Anomali Attack Surface report.</li> <li>Visualize an Attack Flow of attack patterns and associated entities that describe a specific actor-based attack, or infiltration.</li> <li>Leverage MITRE ATT&CK’s Mobile and Industrial Control Systems datasets - which describe the action adversaries may take while operating with a mobile or ICS network. ThreatStream features such as Investigations and MITRE Security Controls will support the content.</li> <li>Monitor the health status of feed-based intelligence as it is ingested into ThreatStream while monitoring and visualizing the volume of telemetry ingested and retained in Anomali Match.</li> <li>Further Integrator updates.</li> </ul> <p>View the Quarterly Release Webinar or reach out to your customer success manager to learn more. </p>
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