Cybersecurity Expert Interview: Utilizing Intelligence-Driven XDR for Threat Hunting

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<h2>Get More Out of Your Data Being Collected </h2> <p>Security teams are constantly on the lookout for the next hack or vulnerability. With today’s adversaries and attacks becoming more sophisticated, the need for a more proactive approach has never been greater. The problem is that most security teams are stretched thin and overwhelmed, chasing alerts and false positives. </p> <p>Threat hunting is one of the key activities organizations can utilize to proactively identify threats and look for traces of attackers, past and present, within their environment. Unfortunately, most struggle with visibility and collaboration across silos and the prioritization of threat-hunting activities. In addition, they often employ a manual, analyst-centric approach that can be time-consuming and bring fewer results. </p> <p>In this session, Patrick McNaught, Solutions Architect at Anomali, discusses how a threat intelligence-driven XDR solution can help accelerate threat-hunting activities with Michael Krieger, Host of Energize Marketing Tech Talks. Patrick also demonstrates how The Anomali Platform can help organizations develop an automated threat-hunting workflow in minutes, enabling them to:</p> <ul> <li>Quickly research a threat hunting hypothesis</li> <li>Look for evidence of attackers </li> <li>Identify suspected points of a breach for further investigation</li> </ul> <p><strong>Watch the on-demand webinar and start proactively hunting threats with threat intel-driven detection and response.</strong> </p>
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