Dark Reading: Cyber Threats to Industrial Control and Other Vertical-Industry Systems

<h2>Threat Intelligence Is A Critical Resource In Defending Industrial Control Systems From Cyber Threats</h2><p><br /> Whether you work in utilities, manufacturing, health care, or another industry, it’s likely that you have purpose-built systems that are both digital and unprotected by conventional IT security tools. As your use of these vertical systems grows, how can you be sure that they won’t be hacked? In this webcast, top experts from Anomali and Dark Reading offer insight on the threats posed to industrial control systems (ICS) and other vertical-industry systems, and how you can expand your enterprise security strategies using threat intelligence to protect against them.<br /> <br /> You will:</p><ul><li>Learn how attackers are exploiting these systems, directly and indirectly, now</li><li>Discover ways to improve visibility of your environment without jeopardizing operations</li><li>Understand how to address vulnerabilities without jeopardizing uptime</li><li>Explore how to address security after a software company stops supporting the only operating system your most essential application runs on</li><li>Get tips on how to enhance security through improving communications and cooperation between IT and operational teams.​</li></ul><p><strong>Watch this on-demand webcast to learn how you can defend your systems with threat intelligence.</strong></p>

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