Get a Grip! The Role, State, and Progress of CTI for Organizations

<h2>An Informative Discussion with ESG and Anomali</h2> <p>In this webinar, Steve Benton, VP of Anomali Threat Research at Anomali, and Jon Oltsik, Distinguished Analyst & ESG Fellow at ESG, examine a wide-ranging review of the state of Cyber Threat Intelligence and its role in securing organizations based on research conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group by TechTarget.<br /> <br /> At the surface level, it looks like CTI programs are ‘Everything, Everywhere, All at Once,’ but what are the fundamental directions and priorities being seen across organizations? Has threat intelligence ‘come of age’ to truly be the tipping point it ought to be for organizations stretched for resources and budgets to better protect their business, employees, and customers? Across people, process, and technology, what are the key takeaways to pump-prime a successful CTI program and achieve a return on investment?</p> <p><strong>Watch this lively discussion between cybersecurity industry experts to learn about the key ingredients for a successful CTI program and how to achieve a return on investment.</strong></p>

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