Hiring Your New Employee—Threat Intelligence: Detect ‘19 Series

<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><p>Throughout the last six years, threat intelligence has been the buzz word within the cybersecurity sector. The market has struggled to determine how to operationalize threat intelligence. The struggle is real and usually results in companies utilizing threat intelligence reactively, as reference information only.</p><p>This presentation will discuss a different perspective on how to treat a threat intelligence program as a human resource. Learn how to utilize threat intelligence as an active member of the team and leave understanding what hiring a threat intelligence program means by utilizing traditional human resource techniques, as well as what to do when that “employee” doesn’t work out.<br /> <br /> <strong>Ready to hire Threat Intelligence as your new employee? Tune into this on-demand presentation from Nicholas Hayden, Senior Director Threat Intelligence at Anomali, today.</strong></p>

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