How Generative AI Can Uplevel Your Entire Security Operation

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Empower Your SOC Analysts to be More Effective and Efficient

Generative AI has become a consistent topic in cybersecurity. View this webinar where Erick Ingleby, Anomali’s Vice President of Product Management, will discuss the application of AI to threat intelligence, telemetry correlation, and how to easily uplevel the performance of your SOC analysts.

Key takeaways:

-See how enabled queries can allow analysts to run more sophisticated searches without the need to know complex query languages.
-Understand how to immediately identify threat relevancy and correlate that to your potential attack surface, stopping attacks in their tracks.
-Effortlessly report at both the business and operational levels on whether an event has impacted you and to what extent. In minutes.

Watch the webinar to discover how you can empower your security operation with generative AI.

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