Detect LIVE April 22 — Intelligence Sharing: The Key to Stopping Breaches Is Teaming Up

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<h2>A Real-World Example of the Benefits of Sharing Threat Intelligence</h2> <p>When Andrew de Lange was the head of intelligence and incident response at a major bank, a critical incident occurred and needed to be secured. His team successfully hunted down backdoor activity and hands-on keyboard lateral movement by an adversary who had been active in the environment for quite some time. His team maintained an intelligence-sharing community during the collection of artifacts, and intel sharing played a crucial role in finding and stopping nefarious activity within the trusted community.</p> <p>In this presentation, Andrew, Technical Director, MEA at Anomali shares how threat intelligence sharing and collaboration were essential in resolving this incident and improving the bank’s overall security posture.</p> <p>Key topics covered in this session include:</p> <ul> <li>Threat intelligence sharing principles</li> <li>A timeline of a critical incident based on a real-world scenario</li> <li>The value of sharing threat intelligence</li> </ul> <p><strong>Watch the webinar to see why we cannot only consume shared intelligence but must also add our own contributions.</strong></p>
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