Know Thyself: Cyber Threat Intelligence Gathering Inside Your Organization | Dark Reading and Anomali

<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><h2>Know Thyself: Cyber Threat Intelligence Gathering Inside Your Organization</h2><p>Some of the most important intelligence resides right inside your own organization. Taking a closer look at your SIEM, internal telemetry, user lists etc. provides visibility into your key business processes and expected behaviors, which is pertinent to gathering threat intelligence successfully. You cannot protect what you do not know or understand. Correlating this internal intelligence with external intelligence sources is the most powerful way to provide high confidence and value information for informed decision making.</p><p>AJ Nash, Director of Cyber Intelligence Strategy at Anomali, and John Pironti, President at IP Architects will cover:</p><ul><li>How to identify the richest sources of threat intelligence in your organization–including the human ones</li><li>What data and indicators to look for in these sources, and how to find them</li><li>Ways to fine-tune your monitoring tools to gather even more effective intelligence</li></ul><h3>Watch this webcast to learn the fundamentals in internal threat intelligence gathering and how these efforts will help you detect attackers’ lateral movement, disrupt ransomware, as well as protect endpoint devices.</h3>

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