Northern Europe Threat Intelligence Panel Discussion Sessions


Northern Europe Threat Intelligence Panel Discussion Sessions

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Learn About Emerging Threats and Innovative Threat Intelligence Strategies

This virtual threat briefing brought everyone together to discuss threat intelligence challenges, requirements, and best practices. Industry experts and threat intelligence thought-leaders provided briefings on today’s threat landscape, adversaries, and their attack techniques.

In this session, experts from Anomali, CrowdStrike, and Silobreaker discuss the key security incidents and issues impacting Northern Europe including:

  • Top threats on the horizon and the importance of an inter-disciplinary threat intelligence strategy.
  • Ransomware attacks and Business Email Compromises: how are you addressing them?
  • Insider threats posed by working from home: how a distributed workforce impacts the security of your supply chain.

Watch the session on-demand and walk away with recommendations for your teams and tangible information to research within your own environments.

Your Panel

AJ Nash, Senior Director of Cyber Intelligence Strategy, Anomali

Derek Buchanan, EMEA Threat Intel Advisor, CrowdStrike

Anna Rozehnalova, Head of Customer Success, Silobreaker

Hosted by: Max Mansson, Client Director, Silobreaker



  • Anomali
  • Flashpoint
  • RiskIQ