SANS 2021 Threat Hunting Survey

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<h2>Threat Hunting Continues to Improve Overall Security Postures</h2> <p>Over the last year, enterprises have been under pressure to increase efficiency and keep costs down while economic conditions are still evolving. </p> <p>This webinar explores the results of the SANS 2021 Threat Hunting Survey, which examined how organizations’ cybersecurity defense teams handle these changes and how they can protect themselves against unknown network threats.</p> <p>In this webinar, certified SANS instructors Mathias Fuchs and Joshua Lemon cover these key topics:</p> <ul> <li>Key findings from the survey</li> <li>The impact of COVID-19</li> <li>Barriers to success</li> <li>Have threat hunting teams been effective this year?</li> <li>Environmental and economic impacts in 2021</li> </ul> <p><strong>Watch the on-demand webinar to hear more about why threat hunting increased despite uncertainties caused by the pandemic.</strong></p>
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