Understanding and Preventing Ransomware

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<h2>Ransomware Affects Everyone–Learn How to be Prepared</h2> <p>In this webinar, Security Engineer, Stephen Muller from Anomali addresses how ransomware attacks are becoming more common and detrimental to businesses. Ransomware has been a constant thorn in the side of customers and security professionals alike for decades. It can be devastating to an individual or organization with no guarantee that all will be well again if you pay the ransom. </p> <p>While most cybersecurity organizations continue to focus their gaze internally, the only way to move from reactive to proactive is through intelligence. Cybersecurity professionals who understand threat trends and the landscape, including adversaries, tactics, techniques, and procedures, are empowered to capitalize on such knowledge to prevent future attacks.<br />  </p> <p> Topics of discussion include:</p> <ul> <li>Avoiding ransomware and best practices you can follow</li> <li>Using Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)</li> <li>The importance of training end-users in your organization </li> <li>How Anomali helps organizations improve threat visibility, detection, and response<br />  </li> </ul> <p>Watch the webinar to understand the history of ransomware and how to recover and ultimately avoid these malicious attacks.</p>
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