Unleashing the True Power of XDR with Intelligence-led Hunting


Detect LIVE Feb 22 — Unleashing the True Power of XDR with Intelligence-led Hunting | PolySwarm

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Effectively Hunt and Defend with Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

Threat detection and response is a core component of modern security programs, driving investment in tools to improve visibility, efficacy, and efficiency.  Extended detection and response (XDR) products enhance the productivity of security operations by increasing speed and focus while enabling automation. 

However, to effectively hunt and defend, it’s critical to have comprehensive threat intelligence to drive detection, response, and mitigation. In this presentation, Christopher Elisan, VP of Threat Intelligence at PolySwarm, covered how the true power of XDR in hunting is realized when the data on emerging threats that drive it is prioritized and contextualized.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how early access to threat intelligence moves organizations to proactive hunting and defense 
  • Learn how prioritized data with high fidelity will enable intelligent automation 
  • Understand how context helps you reveal more about the threat and campaign

Watch the webinar to gain insight on how to leverage the power of XDR for your organization.