Detect LIVE Feb 22 – Utilizing Threat Intelligence Throughout the Lifecycle of a Threat like Log4Shell

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<h2>An Exploration of Log4Shell Provides Insight into Future Vulnerabilities</h2> <p>​​Cybersecurity professionals responsible for defending their organizations are undoubtedly familiar with the scramble to respond to a newly announced zero-day threat. Tasks such as understanding its significance and potential impacts, coordinating response and remediation activities, managing a range of stakeholders, and adapting to the threat as it evolves and is weaponized are commonplace. </p> <p>The recent Log4Shell vulnerability is one such event. Due to the publicity and the level of mobilization across the IT sector, its response had been amplified and created unique challenges. Organizations are truly tested not just in their initial response capability but in their ability to manage and adapt to the ongoing and evolving threat it poses.</p> <p>In this session, Luke Amery, Solution Architect ANZ at Anomali, uses the context of Log4Shell to examine how to effectively respond to a threat through all phases of its lifecycle and the integral role that cyber threat intelligence plays in this process.</p> <p><strong>Watch the webinar to learn how to handle a vulnerability like Log4Shell through all its stages.</strong></p>
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