Why Malvertising Bypasses Traditional Security Solutions

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<p><img alt="Anomali & The Media Trust" src="https://www.anomali.com/images/uploads/landing/anomali-media-trust.png" /></p><p>Not all threat intelligence feeds are created equal, nor are all threat intelligence strategies. In this webinar we explain how this truism applies to web-based threats that penetrate your network via compromised digital advertisements and content rendering.</p><p>Measures like blacklisting, whitelisting, ad blocking and compiled threat intel feeds prove ineffective when it comes to web-based malware, putting you at further risk. This is especially true of digital malvertising, which is most commonly seen on mobile apps and websites likely to be visited by employees.</p><h3>Listen to this webinar and you’ll gain insight into:</h3><ul><li>How web-based malware attacks endpoints and penetrates your network</li><li>Why measures like ad blocking, whitelisting and blacklisting websites aren’t effective</li><li>The latest trends in web-based malware discovery, along with case studies</li><li>Why relevant and specialized threat intel sources are critical to securing your network</li></ul>
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