Why Malvertising Bypasses Traditional Security Solutions | Anomali Webcast


Why Malvertising Bypasses Traditional Security Solutions

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Not all threat intelligence feeds are created equal, nor are all threat intelligence strategies. In this webinar we explain how this truism applies to web-based threats that penetrate your network via compromised digital advertisements and content rendering.

Measures like blacklisting, whitelisting, ad blocking and compiled threat intel feeds prove ineffective when it comes to web-based malware, putting you at further risk. This is especially true of digital malvertising, which is most commonly seen on mobile apps and websites likely to be visited by employees.

Listen to this webinar and you’ll gain insight into:

  • How web-based malware attacks endpoints and penetrates your network
  • Why measures like ad blocking, whitelisting and blacklisting websites aren’t effective
  • The latest trends in web-based malware discovery, along with case studies
  • Why relevant and specialized threat intel sources are critical to securing your network