Why Security Analytics without Total Threat Visibility is a Hammer without a Nail

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Amplify Your Visibility to Stop the Adversary

Security teams that struggle with “blind spots”across their employees’ and partners’ systems risk exposure to cyberattacks.Gaining visibility is expensive, relying on outdated security incident and event solutions that lack cost-effective management of telemetry across all attack vectors and the ability to retain over time. And because data is siloed, visibility is both reactive, passively showing what has happened, and not unactionable across the siloed security team.

Leaders and security teams are consequently under tremendous pressure to deliver in the face of growing security incidents and regulatory requirements – further exacerbated by limited visibility, lack of business context, or shortage of security expertise.

This webinar focuses on how Security Operations innovations, including performance data management and high-performanceSecurity Analytics – cloud scale, lightning-fast speeds, AI, threat intelligence, and more, can turn security professionals into business leaders who protect against attackers on a lopsided battlefield.

  • The evolution of Security Operations from a technology-driven function to a business enabler
  • How leaders can unravel and action their visibility with advances in Security Analytics
  • The role and use cases of GPT in transforming SOC performance
  • Overview and demo of Anomali Security Analytics

Get ahead and stay ahead of your adversaries while solidifying your security posture across your entire organization.

View the on-demand Security Analytics webinar and unlock the potential of GPT to fortify your SOC’s defense against emerging cyber threats.

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