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Australasia Cyber Threat Landscape from Anomali Threat Research

<h1>The Australasia Region is Targeted By Threat Actors of Varying Levels of Sophistication</h1> <p>Anomali Threat Research has conducted analysis on numerous types of malicious cyber activity that affect the Australasia region. Australasia is targeted by threat actors and groups for its close ties to Western governments, geographical location to areas with high volumes of trade, and numerous other reasons.</p> <p>The cyber threat landscape in Australasia is dominated primarily by the Australian continent. To note, the Australia Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) reports that cyberattacks targeting Australia were found to primarily be financially-motivated throughout 2019, and affected one-in-three adults.</p> <p>Due to the complex nature of sophisticated threat actors and groups, in addition to economic and geopolitical factors that can motivate cyberattacks, this report is broken down into sections to highlight specific threats and risk including: </p> <ul> <li>Geopolitics </li> <li>Government Cyber Initiatives</li> <li>Threat Actors and Groups </li> <li>Industry Targeting </li> <li>and more</li> </ul> <h3>Get the report from Anomali Threat Research so you are informed to take proactive steps to protect your team from potential cyberattacks.</h3>

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