White Paper

Building a Threat Intelligence Program

<p>Security practitioners have been falling behind their adversaries, who launch new attacks using new techniques daily. Furthermore, defenders remain hindered by the broken negative security model: looking for attacks they have never seen before so they consistently miss new attacks.</p><p>The odds of you being the very first target of any given attack are low. However, leveraging the experience of those who were hit before you (likely government environments or large financial institutions), you can recognize attacks the first time you see them. This means gathering, understanding and using threat intelligence and learning from these higher-profile targets so you don’t have the same fate.</p><p>This white paper by Securosis and sponsored by Anomali offers a step-by-step approach to:</p><ul><li>Acquiring and using threat intelligence in ways that are strategic, operational, tactical and technical</li><li>Understanding what a successful program looks like</li><li>Dealing with data overload in the form of tens of millions of indicators of compromise</li><li>Selecting a threat intelligence platform that is right for your organization</li></ul>

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