White Paper

CSO Online: The Changing Landscape of U.S. Election Security

<h2>Protecting the Sanctity of the Ballot Box Against Cyberthreats Depends On Legislation, Enforcement, and Sharing Up-To-Date Threat Intelligence Data</h2><p>Confidence in the honesty of election systems has hit record lows, yet the federal executive branch still has not articulated an overarching strategy and plan of action to secure them. Disparate election systems operate with little standardization and no unified oversight, making them particularly vulnerable in the face of growing cybersecurity threats.</p><p>Government entities will need to ensure that every citizen has the right to a secure vote, in order to ensure that all constituents have confidence that their votes will count.</p><p>Here are some of the issues addressed: </p><ul><li>The varying levels of cyber-readiness at the state and municipal levels</li><li>Different legislation that has been passed or halted around election security</li><li>How threat intelligence technology can be adopted as the first line of defense</li></ul><p><strong>Get the report!</strong></p>

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