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Cybersecurity Insider: 2018 Threat Intelligence Report from Anomali

<h2>77% of respondents say that threat intelligence is very to extremely important to their organization&#39;s overall security posture.</h2> <p>Threat intelligence has become a significant weapon in the fight against cybersecurity threats, and a large majority of organizations have made it a key part of their security strategies.</p> <p>Among the key findings of the report are that organizations are leveraging threat intelligence data for a number of use cases, and many rate themselves fairly competent in their use of threat intelligence to identify and remediate cyber threats.</p> <p>Organizations utilize threat intelligence tools when facing cyber threats such as phishing, zero-day attacks, insider attacks, advanced persistent threats, and malware. Other challenges include threat detection, gaining full visibility into all assets and vulnerabilities, and lack of advanced security staff.</p> <p><strong>Get the full report from </strong><strong>Cybersecurtiy</strong><strong> Insider and Anomali. </strong></p>

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