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Dark Reading–Assessing Cybersecurity Risk in Today’s Enterprises

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Informa Tech, the parent company of Dark Reading, surveyed 150 technology and cybersecurity professional organizations in North America.

Security leaders are struggling to understand their organizations' risk exposure. While many are confident in their security strategies and processes, they're also more concerned than ever about getting breached.

Dark Reading's annual 2019 Strategic Security Survey reveals that many companies are uncertain about their data breach exposure because of growing threat sophistication, increasing attack volumes, and many other factors. A high percentage of IT leaders see employees as presenting as big a breach risk as external cybercriminals and nation-state actors.

Threat intelligence services are considered extremely useful for attacks that range from low and slow to low-likelihood, high-impact events. The number of organizations implementing threat intelligence services to fortify their defenses against cybersecurity attacks continues to grow.


of organizations have subscriptions to between two and four threat intelligence feeds or services, compared with just 30% last year.

Read the report to gain insight into how today's enterprises assess and perceive the risks they faced in 2019.

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