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Email Spoofing a Threat to the 2018 US Midterm Elections

<h2>Can Lightning Strike US Elections Twice?</h2> <p>Based on the research findings, close to 96% of the evaluated State, District of Columbia, and Territory elections offices and online voter registration sites remain highly susceptible to email spoofing attacks.</p> <p>Anomali Labs reviewed the last two years of election-related threat reporting from government agencies, vendors, and news media. We found that phishing and spear-phishing (highly personalized, targeted phishing) emails are often a precursor for obtaining unauthorized access to target systems and networks, presumably for election interference purposes.</p> <p>The team evaluated and defined, three email authentication protocols, one DNS resolution security control, two secure mail server controls. They recommend implementing email security controls such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, STARTTLS, DNSSEC, and DANE to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of election site email systems and remove common attack vectors from threat actors&#39; arsenals.</p> <p><strong>Review the findings before the midterms. </strong></p>

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