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Gartner Predicts 2024: AI & Cybersecurity - Turning Disruption Into an Opportunity

Generative AI is the latest disruptive technology with the potential to fundamentally alter organizations top-down approach to cybersecurity. While many of those disruptions are potentially positive, namely the promise of increased efficiency and usability via natural language interfaces, there also exists risk for short-term disillusionment as a result of unrealistic expectations. The Gartner®️ Report, AI & Cybersecurity - Turning Disruption Into an Opportunity, offers actionable insights to get you started:

● Assess the first wave of GenAI announcements from cybersecurity providers, and put a plan in place to integrate new features and products as they mature

● Acknowledge that malicious actors will also use GenAI and be prepared for unpredictable changes in the threat landscape

● Introduce business value-driven AI evaluation frameworks, which measure impact on tangible metrics such as speed, accuracy and productivity

For in-depth analysis and more tips to guide your decisions, download the full Gartner®️ Report!

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