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How to Operationalize Your Threat Investigations and Response | ISMG & Anomali

<h3>Automation, Machine Learning, and Global Visibility Can Help Improve Detection and Response to Cyberthreats</h3> <p>The proliferation of cyberattacks has become an existential threat for businesses no matter where or how they operate in the global economy. Cunning threat actors engineer shape-shifting cyberattacks that pose potentially grave risks to organizational operations, data security, systems uptime, and revenues.</p> <p>Everything is on the line, and companies can’t afford to get it wrong. This co-authored white paper with ISMG and Anomali uncovers the following:</p> <ul> <li>Tech tools and techniques to improve threat intelligence management</li> <li>How to know your enemy with MITRE ATT&CK</li> <li>Reduce mean time to detection (MTTD) and mean time to response (MTTR)</li> </ul> <p>Improve your detection and response times for enhanced cybersecurity by operationalizing your threat investigations.</p>

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