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Islamic Republic of Iran Cybersecurity Profile from Anomali Threat Research

<h1>Iran Continues to Seek Influence in the Middle East and the Global Landscape</h1> <p>Iran’s regional influence has been operationalized through the use of proxy military activity, information operations as well as offensive cyber activity. The military arena’s in which power politics is playing out includes the wars in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. Iran’s international relations are also compounded by the interference and security requirements of other major global powers.</p> <p>Iran is now one of the more sophisticated cyber actors. This report details the political, historical, and economic factors that contribute to Iran’s current cyber-strategy and capabilities. Included with this are:</p> <ul> <li>Cybersecurity infrastructure and governing bodies</li> <li>National security and internal controls</li> <li>Economic assessment and predictions</li> <li>Current role in the geopolitical landscape</li> <li>Intel471 Persian-Gulf conflict underground chat timeline</li> <li>Future concerns for Iranian power</li> </ul> <h3>Get the report from the Anomali Threat Research team to learn how Iran is competing for power.</h3>

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