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North Korea Cybersecurity Profile

<p>The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is notorious for aggressive threats against other nations and harsh restrictions imposed on its citizens. The international community has responded to North Korean threats with strict sanctions, which greatly impact the North Korean economy.The origins of this totalitarian regime date back to the end of the Second World War, where the Soviet Union installed a Soviet military officer, Kim Il-sung, as the new country’s leader. The North Korean government, now led by Kim Il-sung’s grandson, Kim Jong-un, has reacted in an unpredictable manner, eschewing traditional governing policies in favor of maintaining absolute control.</p><p>Cybercrime is not only a lucrative investment for the DPRK but also a necessary one to combat international sanctions and internal unrest. Leveraging “tools of the state”, North Korea actively pursues cybercrime and uses the proceeds to prop up its economy in pursuit of international influence.</p><p>This research report from Anomali Labs provides a detailed examination of the cybersecurity landscape of North Korea, analyzing:</p><ul><li>Historical and political context</li><li>International Relations</li><li>Internal security posture</li><li>Economy</li><li>National Cyber-Strategy</li><li>Intelligence and Cyber Services</li></ul>

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