Osterman Research-Nation-State Attack Survey: Top CISO Concerns

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Osterman Research-Nation-State Attack Survey: Top CISO Concerns

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The Situation Between the United States and Iran Is Influencing CISOs’ Security Strategy and Operations

Nation-state attacks–in which military or non-military government entities seek to infiltrate other governments, enterprises, or non-commercial organizations–are on the rise. For example, Microsoft revealed in mid-2019 that 8,000 of its enterprise customers had been targeted by these types of attacks during the previous twelve months.

Nation-state attacks are especially worrisome after kinetic incidents, such as the January 2020 altercations between the United States and Iran. While some nation-state attacks are driven by political aims, many are driven by industrial espionage, intelligence gathering, and other malicious goals.

To determine the extent of concern and readiness for nation-state attacks in enterprise-level organizations, Osterman Research conducted an in-depth survey of CISOs.

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