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Peering Over The DAX 100 Threat Horizon: Anomali Labs Threat Landscape

<h2>The Germany DAX 100 Enterprise Threat Report</h2><p>The maturity of the German underground requires small to large enterprises to monitor and track cybercriminal activity to stay ahead of the latest hacking tools, malware, information disclosures, and other threats against their business. The common types of cybercriminal activity affecting German businesses take the form of intellectual property theft, inflicted damage from cyber attacks, or incurred costs from incident response, remediation, and recovery efforts.</p><p>This heightened cyber threat landscape increases the risk posed to a major component of the German economy consisting of the top 100 blue-chip or heavily-traded stocks referred to as “Der Deutsche Aktienindex 100”, or most commonly known as the “DAX 100”. Germany remains a lucrative target for threat actors to attempt to compromise in pursuit of monetary gain, seeking a competitive advantage, or pursuing national interests.</p><p>The purpose of this report is to provide insight into the most recent observations and actions that threaten the DAX 100.</p>

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