White Paper

Russian Federation Cybersecurity Profile

<p>Whether it’s interfering with global elections or targeting neighboring countries with ransomware, the Russian Federation is well-known for its aggressive cyber-strategy. The motivations for these attacks are deeply intertwined with Russia’s social, economic, political, and even historic climate.</p><p>The culmination of these factors is a highly motivated and technologically sophisticated nation. In order for cyber defenders to adequately prepare for Russian adversaries at the individual, organized-crime, and government level, they must understand how the Russian Federation tactically operates and why they strategically choose to do so.</p><p>This research report from Anomali Labs provides a thorough examination of the Russian Federation, including:</p><ul class="iconlist"><li><i class="icon-ok text-blue">​</i> Current Political, Economic, and Security Landscape</li><li><i class="icon-ok text-blue">​</i> National Cyber Strategy</li><li><i class="icon-ok text-blue">​</i> Russian-Based Organized Crime</li><li><i class="icon-ok text-blue">​</i> Civil Society and Discontents</li><li><i class="icon-ok text-blue">​</i> Future Concerns: Elections, Balkans, Central Europe, U.S.</li></ul>

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