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SANS 2023 CTI Survey Results

Keeping Up with a Changing Threat Landscape

Recent cyberattacks have made it evident that no industry is “safe” from attackers—they have and will continue to find ways to monetize attacks in nearly every vertical. 

How can organizations keep up with this evolving and complex threat landscape?

The SANS 2023 Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey offers insights from a diverse range of perspectives on how CTI programs have matured over time and the opportunities the field has for growth. Notably, this year’s survey captured a wide range of industries not previously represented by respondents, offering a holistic view of how CTI programs best operate when working against threats. Key findings include:

  • Current events and geopolitics significantly influence what CTI personnel focus on, as CTI personnel frequently rely on external news sources to decide what to prioritize. 
  • CTI analysts continue to use a range of sources as they consume and produce intelligence, with an emphasis on external over internal sources.
  • CTI is an increasingly cross-functional process in many organizations.
  • Partnerships between CTI vendors and customers are critical, and CTI vendors play a significant role in this discipline.

For more insights on how the CTI field will continue to grow and better combat cyber threats, download the white paper.

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