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SANS 2023 SOC Survey

<h2>Unlock SOC Insights with the SANS 2023 SOC Survey</h2> <p>Are you a part of a Security Operations Center (SOC) team? The SANS 2023 SOC Survey translated statistics on SOC common practices and challenges and delivered them as key findings, patterns, and trends for SOC teams to utilize as a resource.</p> <p>In its seventh year, the survey explored new areas of focus, such as operational threat hunting, threat intelligence, data ingestion into the SIEM, and SOAR. Top findings from authors Chris Crowley, Barbara Filkins, and John Pescatore include:</p> <ul> <li>75% of respondents detected incidents before external notification, with 9% occurring through proactive threat hunting.</li> <li>84% of SOCs collect metrics, including the number of incidents, time from detection to eradication, and the ratio of incidents from known/unknown vulnerabilities.</li> <li>SOAR work style increases effectiveness more than it reduces staffing needs.</li> </ul> <p>The survey also revealed an important disconnect between business owners, the SOC cost and expenses, and the information systems used by the business' highlighting a strong need for visibility, communication, and an understanding of the SOC's role in a business. </p> <p><strong>Download the white paper to discover all of the survey's findings.</strong></p>

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