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SANS 2023 Threat Hunting Survey Results

<h2>Focusing on the Hunters and How Best to Support Them</h2> <p>How did organizations hunt threats over the last year? What will they do next to move their threat-hunting operations forward? The SANS Threat Hunting survey, now in its eighth year, looks at statistics from respondents across the globe and translates them into key patterns and trends to answer these questions.<br /> <br /> This year, the survey dug deeper than ever before, probing into the daily activities of threat hunters along with the leadership support that hunters receive.<br /> <br /> Certified SANS instructors Mathias Fuchs and Josh Lemon’s key findings include:</p> <ul> <li>69% of organizations experienced ransomware attacks that influenced their methodology.</li> <li>81% of organizations measuring their threat hunting saw an increase in their overall security posture.</li> <li>73% of organizations need additional training or more skilled staff.</li> </ul> <p>The survey responses also showed that leadership teams are becoming both more aware of hunt missions and involved with the methodology, and that threat hunters are crying out for more training, education, and support from management. </p> <p><strong>To uncover all the SANS 2023 survey findings, download the white paper.</strong></p>

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