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SC Media Expert Focus: The Community Approach to Sharing Security Intel

<h2>When Everyone Participates—Sharing and ISACs Can Be a Vital Source of Security Intelligence</h2><p>Information Sharing Analysis Centers (ISACs) are private sector organizations that are sometimes known as Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs). They are one of the most effective weapons against mass cyberattacks, but companies often join ISACs without a firm plan in place on how to interact and leverage threat intel for the biggest return. </p><p>The key challenge ISACs face is getting members to understand that its intelligence is only valuable if everyone gives and receives. ISACs can deliver huge security benefits to companies, but it requires cooperation and active participation on the part of all members. An ISAC’s effectiveness is predicated on seeing rivals as teammates in fighting attackers.</p><p><strong>Read the full Expert Focus from SC Media and Anomali.</strong></p>

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