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Turkish Hacktivists Respond to US Sanctions: Anomali Labs Cyber Threat Brief

<h2>Escalation Between Turkey and the US Provokes a Response from Cyber Groups </h2><p>The recent escalation in tensions between the United States and Turkey over the detention of pastor Andrew Brunson has prompted Turkish patriotic hacktivist groups to target American websites.</p><p>Historically, the two most prominent hacktivist groups Aslan Neferler Tim (ANT) and Turk Hack Team (THT) have reacted to political issues impacting Turkey, by targeting the perceived adversary with low-level nuisance attacks such as web defacements and Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS). As the political situation deteriorates, Anomali expects to see an increase in hacktivist related activity targeting American websites. </p><p>This brief will run through a few key points of the escalation, with a focus on the Turkish hacktivist groups Aslan Neferler Tim and the Turk Hack Team. </p><p>Read the brief for the latest on Turkey and US relations. </p>

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