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United States of America: Anomali Labs Cybersecurity Profile

<p>The most powerful country in the world has one of the oldest and most sophisticated cybersecurity programs. Attributed to attacks against countries like Iran, including Stuxnet. The United States has a track record of using offensive techniques against potential threats to national security.</p><p>The United States has an increasingly complex foreign policy climate, which is likely to create events in which offensive cyber-attacks will be weighed as an option. In order for cyber defenders to prepare for adversaries at the individual, organized-crime, and government level, they must understand how the country tactically operates and why they strategically choose to do so.</p><p>This research report from Anomali Labs provides a thorough examination of the United States, including:</p><ul><li>Current Political, Economic, and Security Landscape</li><li>National Cyber Strategy</li><li>Intelligence Apparatus</li><li>Previous Activity</li><li>Future Concerns: China, Russia, Iran, DPRK, Pakistan</li></ul><p>Download the full profile. </p>

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