Take a Look at the Cyber-Attack Known as WannaCry: One Year Later from Anomali

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WannaCry: One Year Later

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Analyzing WannaCry a Year After the Ransomware Attack

This white paper analyses the WannaCry ransomware attack that occurred in May 2017. It delves into how things have evolved in the past year to observe whether companies and organizations have modified and changed to address the issues WannaCry highlighted. The report investigates the technical aspects of the attack, the consequences for organizations, and the lessons learned.

Good cybersecurity behaviors like immediately implementing critical patches to systems, utilizing multi-factor authentication, having cold backup storage that is frequently updated, adequate CSIRT and SOC incident response procedures, and cybersecurity awareness training for employees is critical to reducing the likelihood that your organization has of being impacted by significant cyber-attacks.

It has been observed that organizations that utilize these practices and policies are at a considerably lower risk of being affected by threat actors. These practices effectively improve organizational security from a variety of fronts and remain the best way that companies can improve their cyber resilience.