March 24, 2019
Marc Green

Anomali Joins No More Ransom Partnership Ecosystem

<p>On the 25th of March, Anomali is proud to announce a supporting partnership with No More Ransom (NMR). Anomali innovates intelligence-driven solutions that address cyber security challenges to achieve a more secure world. NMR is a non-commercial public-private initiative launched in July 2016 which created a common portal containing relevant information on the ransomware subject matter. During the past two years, NMR has continued to significantly grow the project with new law enforcement representation globally, as well as companies from the public and private sector. Thus far, more than 65 decryption tools are available and more than 79,000 ransomware victims have been helped.</p><p>Marc Green, Principal Threat Intelligence Analyst said; “Anomali are delighted to join the No More Ransom partnership ecosystem. Ransomware outbreaks are repeatedly observed, both targeted and opportunistic, across all verticals and regions by financially motivated cyber threat actors, and pose a significant threat to organisations. Through the partnership, Anomali will continue to vocalise and assist NMR engagements as part of Anomali’s global ISAC strategy.”</p><p><img alt="" src="" /></p><p><img alt="" src="" /></p><p><img alt="" src="" /></p>

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