Forrester Tech Tide Recognizes Anomali for Intelligence Management

Threat Intelligence Increasingly Viewed as Adding High Business Value and Increased Resiliency, According to Leading Cybersecurity Report

Adversaries will eventually compromise every organization. When the world woke to the news that the Colonial Pipeline was the latest major enterprise to join the ransomware victims’ club, we once again had to accept this notion. With this fact of digital life now almost universally recognized, CISOs are starting to look for technologies and services that can help them build a higher resiliency level across their infrastructures.

When trying to decide how and where to invest their scarce security budgets, leaders can find themselves uncertain as they sort through overwhelming amounts of marketing content available to them. To provide our customers and prospects with a better understanding of our role in helping them achieve their security and risk goals, we frequently engage with analyst organizations that provide objective, third-party information about what we offer and how we add value.

Recently, Anomali was recognized in the Forrester Tech Tide™: Threat Intelligence, Q2 2021. We believe readers will find the report particularly useful in understanding why threat intelligence is now a key driver of resiliency and why it has moved from the “nice to have” to the “must-have” column. According to the report:

Threat intelligence is increasingly critical to firms’ ability to manage cyber risk and build resilient security programs. To accelerate their threat intelligence performance, firms are evaluating and adopting multiple services and technologies. This Forrester Tech Tide™ report presents an analysis of the maturity and business value of the 15 service and technology categories that enable an effective threat intelligence-driven security program. Security and risk pros should read this report to shape their firm’s investment approach to these technologies.

Forrester analysts positioned Anomali in the “Intelligence Management Solutions” section, which they ranked as “high” in business value and designated with an “invest” rating. According to the report:

Security professionals can become overwhelmed with the amount of data and alerts they receive. Intelligence management solutions provide processes for intelligence professionals to manage stakeholder requirements, automate intelligence collection, maximize data analysis, and operationalize the intelligence.

Although the full range of capabilities and strategic security advantages we offer extend beyond this evaluation, this positioning further validates how the Anomali product suite of intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions addresses the key benefits outlined.

No cybersecurity vendor is an island, which is why a layered approach to security will always be needed to ensure protection against the rising level of sophisticated and stealthy attacks organizations face. In addition to validating more deeply several of the security areas that Anomali helps its customers to address, the report also provides insights into the wide range of threat intelligence technologies on the market today, which includes a look at several of our key partners in the Anomali ecosystem — the deepest and widest available on the market today.  

To read more about how the essential solutions that Anomali provides can help your organization to minimize the risk of falling victim to damaging cyberattacks, download the full Forrester Tech Tide™: Threat Intelligence, Q2 2021.


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