September 29, 2021
David Osman

Introducing the Anomali Technology Partner Program (TPP)

<h3>Delivering a broad spectrum of threat intelligence and security integrations for the Anomali community</h3> <p>Technology partners have always been an integral part of the value proposition that Anomali brings to our customers. From integrating with leading global research vendors to deliver global threat intelligence at scale, to automated delivery of intelligence to security control products for remediation, our broad partner ecosystem is invaluable. Today we’re announcing the Anomali Technology Partner Program (TPP) – a significant investment that will provide technology partners everything they need to develop innovative and differentiated product and service offerings that complement Anomali’s solution portfolio.</p> <h2>Partner Tiers</h2> <p>The program is designed to reward partners who make the biggest commitment to developing value-added solutions that solve customer problems and drive mutual business. The program is structured around the following partner tiers based on the depth of the partnership:</p> <p><img alt="TPP Partner Tiers" src=""/></p> <p>Partners will have the opportunity to get promoted from the Foundation to the Advanced tier as their integrated solutions get deployed in the marketplace. Participation at the Premier tier comes with the most benefits across technical, marketing and sales activities, and is by invitation only.</p> <h2>Criteria for Participation and Partner Tiering</h2> <p>There are many factors to consider when establishing a technology partnership. At Anomali we’re completely focused on customer satisfaction, so we ask that partners have at least one customer requesting the integration, which ensures we’re meeting a need in the marketplace. Below are the primary criteria used for program participation and how Anomali places partners in the three different tiers:</p> <p><img alt="Criteria for Participation and Partner Tiering" src=""/></p> <h2>Partner Integration Tracks</h2> <p>One thing that hasn’t changed is the types of integrations that Anomali will deliver via our partner ecosystem. Intelligence sharing is core to everything we do and is critical for successfully stopping attackers and preventing breaches. Below are the three integration tracks available through the program:</p> <p><img alt="Partner Integration Tracks" src=""/></p> <h2>Summary</h2> <p>Heterogeneous environments are a reality and customers need solutions that are integrated and drive value out-of-the-box. The Anomali TPP delivers a broad array of specialized threat intelligence and integrations with leading security technology vendors to speed detection, streamline investigations and increase analyst productivity.</p> <p>Contact <a href=""></a> to learn more or apply for program membership.</p>

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