XDR: Decipher the Hype to Understand the Benefits

Anomali’s Mark Alba Joins ‘Down the Security Rabbithole’ Host Rafal Los to Decipher the Hype and Discuss How Detection Innovations Like Threat Intel and MITRE ATT&CK Are Critical to Success   

If you are in the cybersecurity industry, you’ve heard plenty about Extended Detection and Response (XDR). Some recognize XDR as an important advancement that will strengthen security postures, others are confused by it. One thing is now certain, it’s not just another buzzword. XDR is a very real sea change in the market, one that no one can afford to overlook.

Recently, our Chief Product Officer Mark Alba joined ‘Down the Security Rabbit Hole’ podcast host Rafal Los to help security and risk professionals understand what this latest movement is all about and what its practical cybersecurity benefits are. The conversation spans a high-level overview of how it has come to be and drills down into why integrations with supporting technologies like threat intelligence and the MITRE ATT&CK Framework are key to a successful XDR deployment.

To learn more about the growing trend and whether it can address your cybersecurity use cases and challenges, listen to the podcast: Beyond Buzzwords: XDR

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Learn more about threat intelligence.

Learn more about XDR.


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