Verizon Launches Threat Intelligence Platform Service in Partnership with Anomali

Today is another exciting day at Anomali - we have announced a major partnership with Verizon for their new Threat Intelligence Platform Service. Verizon is in a unique position to enter the threat intelligence space given their cyber-situational awareness across their own massive IP backbone. Combining Verizon awareness with the Anomali Threat Platform allows organizations to operationalize intelligence and identify serious threats targeting their networks.

Bryan Sartin, Verizon Executive Director of Security Professional Services, summed it up: “Verizon operates one of the largest global IP networks, which gives us a wide view into a large portion of the world’s data traffic. When you cross reference this with intelligence gleaned from over a decade of analysis from our DBIR series, it provides a treasure trove of cyber-intelligence that is hard to beat. This new Threat Intelligence Platform Service places the ability to hunt out cyberthreats firmly in our customers’ hands.”

If you’re attending the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in Washington, D.C. please visit us at booth #220 to learn more - or feel free to Contact Us.

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Threat Intelligence Platform

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