Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Intelligence-driven extended detection and response (XDR)

For decisive response, organizations require the ability to collect all security information available, correlate it against internal IOCs and telemetry for rapid detection, and then operationalize threat intelligence in support of faster response.

Why do enterprises need XDR security?

  • To understand where vulnerable assets are and how attackers can get at them, security operations teams need as much visibility as possible.
  • As adversaries use more complex tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to successfully circumvent and exploit traditional security controls, organizations are scrambling to secure increasing numbers of vulnerable digital assets both inside and outside the traditional network perimeter.
  • The changing threat landscape has amplified the strain on resources, and security professionals are once again required to do more with the same or fewer resources and with strict budget constraints. In order to ensure complete protection, enterprises need unified and proactive security measures that intelligently bring together all relevant security telemetry to transform alerts into a decisive response.
Extended Detection and Response Conceptual Architecture
Extended detection and response (XDR) products are beginning to have real value in improving security operations productivity with alert and incident correlation, as well as built-in automation.
Gartner Innovation Insight for Extended Detection
and Response April 2021
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Transform billions of alerts into one decisive response

Today's advanced threats require more than a collection of solutions. Organizations know that the information and technology needed to detect and respond to threats exists, but they haven't yet found an effective way to unify security across the entire lifecycle in order to enable automated response, at scale.

Anomali is leading that new era with Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions, highlighting the important role global threat intelligence plays in delivering cyber resiliency.


Improve your detection and response capabilities

Organizations rely on Anomali to harness the power of threat intelligence to deliver effective extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities.