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Cyber Threat Intelligence - Transforming Data Into Relevant Intelligence

<h3>April 2023 EMA Research Report<br /> <br /> </h3> <p>The April 2023 report from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) highlights which CTI sources, methods, and integrations are currently working in the industry and where there is room for improvement.</p> <p>Key report takeaways: <br /> - 94% of organizations have a dedicated CTI team<br /> - 84% of organizations focus on proactively providing CTI to the rest of their organization<br /> - 46% of organizations consider the quality of data of their CTI platform the most important feature </p> <p>Download the report to learn: <br /> - How organizations are struggling with CTI, especially when it comes to data quality. <br /> - The CTI sources organizations are having the most success with<br /> - How organizations can better leverage CTI in their everyday operations and technology integrations</p> <p>CTI can be a powerful tool when properly leveraged and integrated with organization environments; download the report to learn more.</p>

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