Anomali Enterprise

Powerful Threat Hunting Engine and Forensic Search

Powerful Threat Hunting Engine

Anomali Enterprise (AE) is a powerful Threat Hunting engine that compares millions of IOCs against your internal traffic to identify active threats. AE is the only solution that scales to analyze millions of IOCs against billions of events/day, over 365 days.

Indicator Expansion and Data Enrichment

Easily adds context to any investigation by layering in data from additional sources such as WHOIS, Passive DNS, and historical data. Combine this with easy pivoting and visualization tools to allow analysts to quickly work through investigations.

365 Days of Searchable Data

Anomali Enterprise integrates closely with SIEMs, allowing organizations to look back over historical activity to identify matches against millions of events.

  • Search 12 months of events
  • Review timeline of all matches
  • View anatomy of attack with all associated IOCs

By implementing a robust threat intelligence program organizations can identify the initial indicators of potential breaches and accelerate time to detection and response.

Threat Intelligence: A New Approach

Learn more about Anomali’s approach to detecting threat intelligence