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Threat Sharing & Collaboration

Enabling Secure, Efficient Threat Sharing for Cybersecurity Communities

Threat Sharing Benefits

Threat sharing offers cybersecurity teams the ability to exchange intelligence and collaborate with peers in related industries and others in a secure and private way. Seamless, secure sharing enables quicker response to new attacks and accelerates knowledge of specific campaigns, actors, and their tools and techniques. It also limits attack effectiveness by educating the community and sharing countermeasures.

  • Learn from the collective knowledge of the cyber community
  • Defend faster with more effective situational awareness
  • Take advantage of varied knowledge and expertise in different organizations
  • React quickly to significant cyber attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Leverage different security tools in place in different organizations

For more information about the benefits of threat sharing, download our free whitepaper, The Definitive Guide to Sharing Threat Intelligence.

Detection Prevention
Trusted Circles

Trusted Circles

Anomali provides Trusted Circles to enable secure, confidential sharing of threat information. Vetted users can create their own secure sharing communities or join existing ones.

  • Set rules to automatically share intelligence with relevant Trusted Circles
  • Receive shared intelligence from the community instantly
  • Trusted Circles can be public or private, industry-specific, moderated, etc.
  • Trusted Circle administrators control the policies and membership


The Anomali platform makes threat sharing and collaboration both easy and secure.

  • Automatically extract and import threat information from security mailing lists
  • Keep full control of what information gets shared and with whom
  • Participate in community discussions when Breaking News events occur
  • Automatically share internal threat matches with Trusted Circles
  • Collaboration works for any deployment model (SaaS, On-prem, Hybrid)
  • EASE
  • R-CISC
  • Legal Services ISAO
  • Global Resilience Federation
  • Financial Services ISAC
  • UAE Banks Federation

ISACs, ISAOs & Threat Exchanges

Anomali offers threat sharing communities a complete, turnkey suite of tools and infrastructure to enable secure collaboration.

  • Anomali easily deploys to deliver ISACs a complete threat sharing environment
  • Provides complete, secure platform to exchange threat intelligence with peers
  • Meets the needs of all members, of any size
  • STAXX gives members simple, easy way to receive and contribute ISAC intelligence
  • Securely collaborate with members to increase the value of produced intelligence

Anomali has partnered with many ISACs and other threat sharing communities to enable seamless and secure collaboration.