Anomali Enterprise Breach Analytics

Anomali Enterprise delivers timely threat intelligence that’s customized for your business’s IT environment.

The three big data problems:


Security teams are buried by an avalanche of security relevant data.


Threat intelligence data today can contain up to tens of millions of indicators of compromise for correlation.


Which indicators of compromise matter to my organization.

The average time to detection for advanced threats is now over 200 days. Over that time period most large enterprises generate over 120 terabytes of security relevant data with most customers keeping only between 60 - 90 days of data on line. The SIEM can’t look back in time far enough to detect a patient adversary and was never meant to ingest tens of millions of active IOCs. A large percentage of these IOCs aren’t relevant to your organization.

Anomali Enterprise Breach Analytics represents a new scalable solution on premise or cloud-based solution that tackles this big data problem. Rather than push tens of millions of IOCs into an overburdened SIEM, our threat intelligence platform reads your log data looking for potential IOCs and compares them with Anomali’s vast store of threat intelligence data. Matches are sent back to the SIEM to fit into current security workflows.

Anomali Enterprise Breach Analytics is the only platform that will provide up to the minute threat intelligence personalized for your business or agency. This approach operationalizes threat intelligence for incident responders, security operations personnel and prioritizes threat analyst investigation activities. Finally, the system scales to maintain a year-long library of log data IOCs for correlation with the latest threat intelligence data available.

Multiple Use Cases – Multiple Configurations

Anomali Enterprise Breach Analytics can be configured in three ways:

As a complete threat analysis platform with IOC correlation capabilities

As a solution that seamlessly integrates with any other threat intelligence platforms to provide the threat data relevance operations teams need

As a security operations threat data relevance solution without the threat analyst capabilities but the ability to utilize Anomali’s massive store of IOCs

Anomali Enterprise Breach Analytics provides a flexible intelligence driven approach to IT security that meets the challenges of threat intelligence data relevance and scalability.